Importance of Communication in Relationship

communication in a relationship

How Important Is Communication in a Relationship?

A healthy relationship is characterized by open communication between the two persons involved. It is the only way to express each other’s feelings and to develop a sense of security towards each other.

Communication is also essential to understand your relationship, settle each other’s differences, make compromises, and find solutions to problems. 

Based on poll research consisting of 100 mental health professionals, it was found out that communication issues had been cited as the most common factor that leads to divorce, and this accounts for 65%  of the cases.

This is followed by couples’ inability to resolve their marriage conflicts which accounts for 43%. Based on this data, it is apparent that communication is the single best thing that can possibly save a relationship. 

improve relationship communicating
How to improve communication in a relationship.

Ways to Improve Communication for a Healthy Relationship

As humans, we all have a strong need to connect with our partners to establish a sense of belongingness. This is why positive interaction with our partners can improve our well-being and provide satisfaction in our relationships.

Communication does not only involve verbal interaction. It could be in the form of a hug, a kiss, or simply holding your partner’s hand. Here are some ways to improve your communication with your partner in order to achieve a healthier and happier relationship;

Learn to listen

Communication is a two-way process. When you and your partner are arguing over something, don’t set the stage for a battle of opinions. Instead of nagging and insisting that you have more points to the issue; learn how to listen as well. Don’t assume that you’re right and your partner is wrong. Sometimes, hearing what your partner has to say can shed some light on the situation. 

Skip the Drama

For females, we have to admit that sometimes, we enjoy the drama and we like to play as the victims. We like the idea of our partners giving up in complete surrender as we wait for them to woo us with comforting words and sweep us off our feet.

The idea may sound romantic for us women, but men can only carry on with this for too long. Over time, such manipulative acts can be unhealthy and can draw our partners away because basically, men hate dramas. Instead of acting weak and vulnerable, it would be best to talk things over and find a more realistic solution to our issues.

Be attentive to your partner

Sometimes, our minds have the tendency to roam around certain thoughts while our partners are talking to us. This shouldn’t be the case.

Even if our minds are preoccupied with work and other concerns, we should learn how to be attentive when our partners are talking to us – especially if they’re talking about their personal problems. There is nothing much we need to say. What is more important is for them to know that we care.

Communicate your affection through actions

In some situations, words are not enough to express what we truly feel. Whenever you feel at a loss for words, don’t hesitate to express yourself in some other ways.

Feel free to hug or kiss your partner whenever you feel like doing it, hold his/her hand in public, lean on each other when watching TV or just do something special to express how much he/she means to you.

It could be as simple as preparing dinner, buying her flowers, or sending a text message.

Be mindful about your words

You cannot take back what you already said. This is something that you always have to keep in mind. Therefore, it is best to be mindful about your words even when you’re hurt, mad or disappointed.

A single word can create a humongous impact on any relationship and once you’ve said it, the effect could be permanent. The painful words you’ve uttered will remain in the memory of that person you love.

So if you value your partner, learn how to communicate your emotions without damaging your relationship.