About us

Greeting to all my readers and site visitors!

My name is Sophia Blanken, I’m 33 years old and a psychologist from Miami, Florida. I’ve been married to my husband, Tom, for 5 years now and I can consider our marriage as the most liberating experience I’ve had in my life. 

Our relationship is based on preserving each other’s individuality and can be described as modern, unique and quite extraordinary. Unlike other couples, we have specific boundaries and personal space that we both agreed to respect. Other people may find this odd considering the fact that we’re married. But that’s how we have chosen to manage our married life. 

Tom has the freedom to go out with his friends on certain days or to keep himself confined in his “man cave” whenever he needs his personal space or some time to be alone. I, on the other hand, am likewise entitled to the same privilege.

Communication and mutual respect are what bind us together. We can both express how we feel and what we want at any given moment in our married life but we have to respect each other’s privacy.

While our marriage set up had been manageable and convenient for both of us, we weren’t spared from the challenges. 

My personal experiences led me to share some of my thoughts, insights and ideas about relationships and married life. Writing has become my therapy amidst all our conflicts.

I’m hoping that I would be able to impart some lessons to my readers on how to nurture their relationships while taking charge of their own lives. Follow me on my journey through this new chapter in my married life and let’s discover ways to establish healthier and happier relationships.